South Africa's No 1 selling Instant ID Tags!

Instant Tags, based in Cape Town, has been in business since 2012 and thanks to people taking responsibility for identifying their pets it has seen fantastic growth over the years. We now have over 500 stockists country wide and are still growing.

The popularity of Instant Tags is not only because of the importance of getting an ID Tag for our beloved Pets, but also the fun side with many fun designs to choose from for each individual personality. I often say, it takes longer for customer to choose a tag design than it takes to personalise it!

Micro chipping is very important! But the first thing somebody who has found a lost animal will look for is a collar and ID Tag. This makes it very easy to reunite the animal with their owner as quickly as possible.

For my stockists, the ease at which they can personalise a Tag while the customer waits is a major factor, as it only takes a minute or two to put the name and number onto the back of the tag and seal it.

Besides the pet industry I do many Customised Instant Tags for other uses as I can do any logo requested.

Some examples of customised tags I have done are for Guest Houses (for their room keys), Car dealerships (for Customers car keys as these are very expensive to replace), Schools (for the children’s bags), Residential Estates (to identify pets specifically from that estate), naturally these are all done with the their own Logo on the front and contact details on the back. Please see Images attached.

For Trade enquiries or for the public to find out where their nearest stockist is of Instant Tags, you are welcome to email me at instanttags@mweb.co.za or call me on 082 852 9596.

Please be aware of cheap imitations. If it doesn’t say Instant Tags it’s NOT an Instant Tag!

Instant Tags Starter Kit

  • You can now offer your customers an ‘Instant Tag’! No waiting! No fuss!
  • It only takes a minute to put the name and number on the back and seal it!
  • Your clients will have many fun designs to choose from.
  • The Tags are made around a stainless Steel base, and are fully waterproof.

Instant Tags Starter Kit

  • Purchase an Instant Tags Starter Kit!
  • Re-ordering of the Instant Tags is simple and you can order any amount of any tags you need in order to top up your Instant Tags stock.
  • Should you want to produce a tag with your own special design on it, specifically for your shop / organisation, we can do that with pleasure. The only requirement is that a minimum of 100 tags is needed for the first order.

Standard Instant Tags Available

32mm Tags for Big Dogs and Keyrings for Human Stuff

Instant Tags realized that one size does not always fit all. So, when you are next out shopping for a new tag for your fur kids, be sure to also look out for our additional Big Tag collection in selected pet and vet stores, aimed at larger woofers … as well as the special humans in your life!

Whilst we certainly hope that most humans will find their way home by themselves if ever lost, the same cannot always be said for their valued possessions such as keys, hand bags, school bags or luggage… just to name a few!

Attaching one of these fun ID tags, can literally save one a lot of drama and heartache by ensuring any lost items find their way back home!

Contact us to find out the nearest stockist near you! Big Tag Designs are available below.

Examples of Custom Tags


Our stickers have been designed for people who love their pets and want to show it!

Whether your customers use them as a licence disc sticker or put them on the back of their cars, these fun stickers are a wonderful add-on to the Instant Tags range of products.

When you order the stickers, they will be sent with a Perspex holder to display them in.

A Tag In Time Saves Lives

In South Africa, one in three pets goes missing in their lifetime – a shocking statistic! Without proper identification, 90% of them never return home. Yet many owners do not have collars with TAGS on their dogs or cats.

It is important to note that even if your pet never leaves your home and garden, all it takes for your pet to go missing is for someone to leave an access gate or garage door open for a second. The person leaving your gate or garage open could be one of your friends or family, a visitor, pet-sitter, domestic staff, garden service, emergency or armed response personnel. And sadly it could be a criminal breaking in!

The scary truth is that all it takes is that ONE SECOND where someone is not vigilant and your beloved pet escapes.

When a pet is lost, the owners are often wracked with regrets and guilt, but after the fact is sadly a little too late.

Putting a collar with an ID TAG on your dog or cat is inexpensive but effective!

Contact Inge

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